Preview your changes on indoor=

For those who have never heard of indoor=, you may want to read the introductory blog post. In short, it is a map that displays the indoor data of OpenStreetmap with a level selector.

Indoor= has always aimed to facilitate the work of contributors by having the most up-to-date data possible with the hourly update of OpenStreetMap data. Despite this frequency, it was frustrating to wait several tens of minutes for the rendering to realize an error.

To avoid this hassle and to reduce the time of feedback, you can now preview your changes on indoor= before sending them to OpenStreetMap.

The easiest way to use it is to use JOSM. You save your changes in GeoJSON format, and send them to indoor=.


As you can see, once the file is selected, a specific user interface appears, and it is easy to choose a new version to correct or improve the modifications.

Note that the GeoJSON rendering is a preview, it will not be a perfect reflection of the final rendering:

  • the management of latin and non-latin characters of POIs is not managed

  • contiguous area/corridor surfaces are not merged

  • some POIs are not correctly managed

  • the performances are less good

  • it is not possible to click on POIs yet

Give it a try!

If you find big differences or for any other feedback, feel free to create a ticket on GitHub.

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